National Museum of Natural History and Science, Lisbon

Located on Príncipe Real area and tucked away on the University of Lisbon, visitors find two fascinating destinations. The National Museum of Natural History and Science features an impressive collection spanning 250 years of inquiry into the natural world. Its neighbor, the Lisbon Botanical Garden, is as much of an educational tool today as it was back at its inauguration in the mid 19th century. Together, these attractions make for a remarkable adventure through scientific discovery.

In its current form, the National Museum of Natural History and Science is a new addition to Lisbon's tourism scene. It was established in 2011 when the university's National Museum of Natural History and its Science Museum were combined into one institution. Originally, the museum's expansive collections were kept in Lisbon's western section in Ajuda, but were gradually moved to the current location.

Museum visitors are treated to three diverse galleries: Mineral-Geological, Zoological-Anthropological and Botanical. Casual visitors find many amazing exhibits and informative displays. On most days, they will find themselves moving in close proximity to scholars from around the world who have come to the museum to advance their studies. This institution is widely considered to be one of the best natural history museums in the world, and many academics still come here to conduct research.

In line with its mission as a research institution, the museum regularly holds conferences and lectures. Additionally, visitors will find an array of temporary exhibitions that give the museum a fresh and ever expanding aspect.