Lisbon Zoo, Lisbon

The Lisbon Zoo is a prime attraction of the city of Lisbon. Everyone loves a zoo, so this is a perfect attraction for families visiting the city. Founded in 1884 by Dr. Van Der Laan, who owned the largest Portuguese aviary of the time, as well as with help from other prominent Portuguese conservationists, the Lisbon Zoo has been a fixture in the city ever since that time. It was moved to its current location in 1905 and has been thrilling visitors from around the world for 130 years. Currently, over 800,000 people from across the globe visit the zoo each year.

The Lisbon Zoo has had a number of different animals come and go from its grounds in its long history. It currently houses approximately 2,000 animals representing around 360 different species. Mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians are all included among the zoo's collection.

In addition to being an attraction for families, the Lisbon Zoo is also a center for conservation activities in Portugal. The zoo breeds endangered species and conducts scientific research to learn new ways of saving animals from the brink of extinction. Saving species means learning more about them, and this is exactly what the Lisbon Zoo does so well.

One of the interesting things about the zoo is how it is divided into sections that each have a specific geographic feel to them. This means visitors can metaphorically travel around the world during a day at the museum. Animals are housed in their proper geographic locations, such as California, Cuba, and Africa. This makes visitors feel as if they are on a worldwide trek to discover the animals in their native habitats.

There is even a Portuguese section of the zoo where visitors can learn about domestic animals that are native to the country. Some of these animals can be petted and touched. There is a cable car and a train to take visitors through the Portuguese area of the zoo, and it is a favorite with children.

The zoo also has an amusement park area outside of the part of the complex where the animals are kept. It is free to enter the amusement park, called the Animax. It includes picnic tables, public restrooms, restaurants, bars, benches for resting, and gift shops. Products sold in the gift shops provide funds for conservation efforts at the zoo and usually have some kind of animal, nature, or conservation theme to them.